7:00-9:00am Breakfast at Lions Club (featuring Striplings Sausage)

7:30-8:30am Deliver Cook Off entries to Community Center

Vendors open and DJ Martin Mathis begins at 9:00am

9:45am Presentation of Colors, Invocation, Pledge, and National Anthem

10:00am Parade

10:25am Introduction of T-shirt contest design winner

10:30am Tasting of Cook Off dishes at the Community Center

10:30 Empire Dancers perform at gazebo

11:00am Makinsey performs at gazebo

11:30am Grits Eating Contest

12:00pm Grits Toss

12:30pm Corn Shelling Contest

1:00pm Gospel Travelers perform at gazebo

1:30pm Treasure Hunt

2:00pm Grits Pit

3:00pm Empire Dancers perform

3:30pm Makinsey performing at Gazebo

4:00pm Festival ends.